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Successful Summer Camp "Water The Mind" 2012

Successful Summer Camp

Successful Summer Camp "Water The Mind" 2012

The Educational Summer Camp “Water the Mind” taken place from 23-29/07/2912 at Vũ Thê Lang High School in Việt Trì City, Phú Thọ Province ended fruitfully. 150 students of 11th grade, together with teachers, Vietnamese and International Volunteers experienced a lively and effective week, where they learnt various facts about water and participated in practical activities. The camp was impressed by the School and its message was spread to the community. Students could apply immediately what they learnt in adjusting their habits of using water at home and at public places. Activities of the camp were captured and released by Vietnam News Agency Television, VTV1, Phu Tho Television, Phu Tho Newspaper on 23, 27 and 28/7/2012.

Clean water and pollution of water resource are among foremost concerns of each nation and the entire globe, for the fact that water resource is not endless, meanwhile usage of water is essential not only for human beings but all kinds of beings. Vietnam is under her development and facing with the threat of water shortage and polluted source of water. Among different efforts, educating people to be aware of the matter and change their habits of saving clean water in order to protect the water resource proved to be a sustainable solution. Educational “Water the Mind” Summer Camp 2012 initiated Brighter Vietnam - UNESCO Center for International Education under Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations, coordinated with ID International Education JSC., focused on providing high school students with deep knowledge about clean water, raising their awareness of saving water, using water wisely to protect water resource for their own future.


During a week, guided by Vietnamese and International Volunteers, school students went through meaningful, practical and amusing classes. Activities such as Q&A, discussion, games, they were led to find the fact about water resource – thought to be unlimited, but the fact was that usable water for human beings accounts for only 0.02% of water surface on the planet, which equal to volume of water in Baican Lake. Group work helped students not only discovered many surprises about water but also trained students with skills of team working, listening and sharing.

The “Adventure to the Land of Water” was an unforgettable memory in the program, when all students, teachers, organizers, volunteers and technicians from Viet Tri Water Treatment Plant made a tour to water treatment process on a heavy raining day. Students saw with their own eyes and listened to explanation from technicians how water was treated from river water bearing alluvium to clear and clean water usable for daily life.

The site visit was strongly affected to students’ awareness. Thu Hằng, class 11C1 said: “Now, I understand how hard the water treatment process is done in producing clean water for my family. I used to take a long bath and consumed lots of water. I am aware of the big waste and from now on I will change my habit to save water and to protect water” Lộc – class 11D1 shared “I never use vegetable washed water. After the visit to the Plant and leant shock facts about water, I’ve changed to re-use washed water more reasonably”.

Through a highly enthusiastic practice of making a filter vessel as seen at the Plant, students learnt more about available materials usable in filtering water such as crystal sand, graves, charcoal, willow leaves, “mùng tơi” in case when they don’t have clean water.

The awareness and sharing from students at the closing day were the most valuable gifts for Organizers, Teachers and the School. At the closing ceremony, Master Luong – representative from Vu The Lang High School Board of Director said: “With good content, scientific method of operation and added by high enthusiasm from volunteers and students and teachers, we have obtained a significant message: Water is vital to the human beings. Water is limited and need to be protected. Each individual should spread the knowledge of wise usage of water to the family, friends and community in order to improve our living standard. I sincerely thank the Program "Water the Mind”, all Vietnamese and International Volunteers. The amusing atmosphere of the Camp will ever warm in the hearts of students and teachers of Vu The Lang High School”.

The camp message: CHANGE THE HABIT TO PROTECT INVALUABLE WATER RESOURCE is significant not only to participants but it will be spread widely to the community. After Viet Tri, “Water the Mind” Camp will be re-designed and organized by Brighter Vietnam and ID International Education JSC., in other provinces with the aim to save clean water and protect the safe source of water, for our GREEN PLANET.



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